Information For Members


The Club’s Board of Directors represents the entire membership.

In order that everyone can enjoy the facilities, the Club has specific rules and regulations controlling the use of the courts. Any person who violates the rules of conduct, does not pay dues or charges, or whose conduct is injurious to the reputation of the club or club members may be suspended for any period or expelled from the membership or from use of the courts.

In case any member of the immediate family of a Club member who is entitled to family privileges shall be deemed guilty of violating any rule of conduct, the offender’s privileges may be temporarily or permanently withdrawn.

Rules, Policies and Procedures

1) Members will be charged annual dues of $100. Members will be billed for the annual membership dues in May, and dues are payable by check within 30 days. Dues not paid within 30 days shall become delinquent and an additional $25 late fee will be applied.

2) All members have the duty and obligation to maintain proper and prompt payment of their yearly dues and charges. BVTC Board of Directors may, after written notice, suspend or expel any member whose dues and/or charges are more than two months delinquent. Members who have been expelled for the non-payment of dues and/or charges shall not be entitled to a refund of their initiation fees.

3) Should a member wish to terminate their membership, or upon death of a member, they may transfer it to another party. Terminating Member must notify the board in writing to whom they want to transfer the membership and the recipient of the transferred membership needs to fill out the new membership and release of liability form. The recipient of the membership does not have to pay the $200 initiation fee. However, the recipient of the membership will assume responsibility for the payment of annual dues.

4) All members with guests are asked to acknowledge their guest’s attendance by signing in at the Bear Valley Adventure Company. At that time guests should fill out the BVTC Hold Harmless Agreement.

5) Non-Members may rent tennis or pickle ball courts for $20/day per court at the Bear Valley Adventure company (Gas Station). They should also fill out the BVTC Hold Harmless Agreement at that time.

6) No food or snacks are allowed on the courts. All drinks must be in unbreakable containers. No smoking is allowed.

7) Cars are to be parked only in designated parking areas.

8) Pets are not permitted on the courts.

9) The club will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

10) Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

11) Toys, skates, skateboards, bicycles and all other non-tennis equipment are not allowed on the courts.

12) Only Tennis and Pickle Ball players are permitted inside the fenced court areas. Accompanying people should remain outside the fenced areas.

13) Profane or abusive language or disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. All normal rules of etiquette must be observed so the Club facilities can be enjoyed by all.

14) Lost keys will be charged $25.00 replacement fee.


Court Rules

1) Courts will be open seven days a week, weather permitting, from Sunrise to Sunset.

2) Only appropriate tennis and Pickle Ball shoes with smooth soles will be allowed on the courts. Running, soccer shoes, or other types of shoes that may mark or damage the courts are not allowed.

3) Courts are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Non-members must sign up at the Bear Valley Adventure Company, pay usage fees and a key deposit, and get a key for the courts.

4) Tournaments approved by the BVTC board will be held at designated times throughout the season. Every effort will be made to accommodate members play in conjunction with a tournament, but courts will be available on a limited basis. Any tennis programs that involve court time must be approved by the BVTC Board.

5) Only four persons may play on a court at any one time. Exceptions allowed are group lessons involving more than four people.

6) No set of rules can cover all circumstances; when there is competition for court access during peak times, courtesy, good will and consideration of fellow members should be exercised.