2020 Policies for BVTC Tennis and Pickle Ball court use

                                    May 22, 2020

In opening the Courts your health and safety is our number one priority. For this reason, we have established the following policies we ask you to adhere to:

1.    Practice social distancing AT ALL TIMES and comply with Alpine County and State social distancing requirements. Refrain from touching your face and sanitize your hands often.

2.    If you are sick, have been exposed to Covid-19 in the past 14 days, have a temperature and/or are not well do not enter the courts or play tennis or pickle ball.

3.    No social gathering before, during and after games and no spectators allowed.

4.    Servers should not share tennis balls/ pickle balls unless they are from the same household.  Balls should be marked with an initial, so they are not mixed up.  In order to get the ball back to the server, they need to be kicked or hit with racquet/paddle, but not touched.  As an alternative you can wear a glove on the non-dominant (server toss) hand.

5.    Use a face mask if you play doubles with a partner who does not live in your household.

6.    Members must bring and use their own hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes and use them after touching any high touch surfaces such as gates and locks.

7.    We have the pickle ball court nets installed on court 4 but will not have the club owned pickle ball racquets and balls available. Therefore, please bring your own equipment if you plan to play pickle ball.

8.    Benches, tables, etc. will not be provided in order to minimize exposure to high touch surfaces. Members may bring their own chair if they desire but are requested to remove it again after the game.

9.    Courts will not be rented to non-members and use of the ball machine is prohibited.

We are a small club without any staff. Therefore, we are asking all of you to take responsibility for safe conduct in order to keep you and everybody else healthy and safe.

Enjoy the game and stay healthy.

BVTC Board